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Casino slot games have been around for over 100 years and have proved incredibly popular with figures showing they are responsible for 70% of land based casinos revenue. This is a huge statistic that demonstrates how popular the slot games are and what a large fan base they have. The birth of the internet created a huge demand for these seriously popular machines to be placed onto an online platform. This demand arose from players wanting to enjoy the games from the comfort of their own home and at anytime of the day or night. The demand was soon answered with a huge amount of online casinos opening to offer players the chance to do this. The Stargames Power Stars is a wonderful themed casino that offers players a fun and quirky playing theme and environment. The Stargames Power Stars casino has excellent pay out rates available and first class customer support contributing to making it an excellent casino. The Stargames Power Stars casino also offers players the safest playing environment that is fully regulated by all governing bodies. The fun theme of the Stargames Power Stars casino involves the player searching the casino for stars which is a lot of fun and very entertaining.

The theme of the Stargames Power Stars game is excellent and offers players the chance to blast off into outer space on an adrenaline fuelled mission. The mission places players into the shoes of an astronaut and on a space ship blasting off into outer space. The player’s mission is to find all of the important stars that will bring wealth and lots of riches in the game. This theme in the Stargames Power Stars game is a very exciting one which players will love especially fans of sci-fi films like Star Trek or Star Wars. The fans of these types of films have a huge interest in space and will love the fact that this casino slot game will take them there. The graphics and the sound effects that are used to present this theme to players are of a very high standard and users will really enjoy both these physical elements. The graphics of the Stargames Power Stars game are excellent and the slot has a really good background, title text and symbols. The symbols in the Stargames Power Stars game are excellent as they detail a variety of fruits and the very important star.

The symbols are all drawn in very bold animation on the screen and presented with very bright and vibrant colours. The colours of the various fruits in the Stargames Power Stars slot are all in keeping with the real life fruit they are representing. The symbols have a wonderful main visual effect where they all light up in flames if they create a winning line combination, this effect is a visual highlight of the slot. The background of the Stargames Power Stars slot recreates a very famous event that occurs in space called the solar Eclipse. The solar Eclipse is featured in the middle of the slots screen and looks excellent with black and fiery red colours filling the screen. These effects create an excellent appearance on the screen that delivers the theme to players really well. The title text used in the Stargames Power Stars slot is displayed in a large font and at the centre and top of the screen. The font is displayed in a golden colour to represent the colour of stars and has four stars surrounding it which look fantastic. These elements combine together masterfully to create a fantastic overall visual appearance in the Stargames Power Stars slot.

The sound effects are the other important physical element of the Stargames Power Stars slot and are very important in delivering the games theme to players. The sounds used in the Stargames Power Stars slot are very powerful and full of bass and create an excellent atmosphere for the player. The sounds are all different electronic tones and the different bonuses and win line combinations all have their own unique sounds. The deep and powerful sounds all manage to create an outer space feel to the slot game that players will love. The final important element of the Stargames Power Stars slot is the game play on offer to players as this is crucially important to their enjoyment. The game play of the slot game covers the format of the slot and the bonus features that are available to be activated. The format of the Stargames Power Stars slot is a five reel and ten win line system which creates an explosive playing environment. The explosive style of play in the slot is something players will really enjoy and find highly exciting. The game has two bonus rounds up for grabs both offering the player a good chance to become very profitable when playing.

The first of the bonus features in the Stargames Power Stars slot is the power star bonus which is represented by the star symbol. The star symbol has the ability to roll into the middle three reels in the slot and can swap with any of the other symbols to create a winning line combination. The star symbol is therefore potentially very important for players and if the star is used to create a winning line a free spin is awarded to the player. The next bonus in the Stargames Power Stars game is the gamble feature which is a fifty / fifty chance bet that will result in the player doubling or losing their prize fund. This is a risky bet that will result in good rewards and if the player guesses it correctly they can repeat the feature resulting in great winnings. These two bonuses in the Stargames Power Stars slot are a lot of fun and highly exciting for players and can result in huge winnings. The combination of the theme of the Stargames Power Stars slot and the visual and sound effects make for a very well presented and absorbing playing experience.