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The brand Novoline are a huge industry leading company with their routes coming from land based casino games. There machines were a very common sight in casinos all over Europe and were hugely successful with a large army off fans. The arrival of the internet lead to these fans of the land based games demanded that the games be made available online so they could enjoy them from their own homes. The casino brand soon responded to this with launching their popular games onto an online platform which was massively popular. One of the best titles made available online is the very successful Novoline Power Stars game which is now enjoyed by players all around the world. The Novoline Power Stars slot is an excellent title which is played by players from the comfort of their own home at anytime of the day or night. The range of games presents many different themes and concepts to players including action and adventure, fantasy, animated and historic themed games. The Novoline Power Stars game is a very unique themed game that tries to deliver to users a space concept and environment. The Novoline Power Stars game offers to take players on an adventure into outer space from the comfort of their own home.

The outer space theme in the Novoline Power Stars slot is very unique and interesting as it is so different to the other themes offered in other games. One of the examples of another theme offered in this range of games is the Quest for Gold slot which places players into the shoes of an intrepid explorer. This explorer is searching through the South American jungle for Gold and faces many dangers so this is obviously a very different concept to the Novoline Power Stars slot. The player in the Novoline Power Stars slot is placed into the shoes of an astronaut on a very exciting and dangerous mission into the limits of outer space. The mission into outer space leads the player trying to circumnavigate a solar Eclipse on the search for the important stars which bring the player power and wealth. The exciting theme is delivered to players through super visual and sound effects which create an electric atmosphere in the slot game. The visual effects of the Novoline Power Stars slot consist of the background, title text and the symbols used to create the game. The quality of these features is testament to the team of producers that were charged with creating the game.

The different visual effects in the Novoline Power Stars slot are all created by the most fantastic production team available and they have included some excellent effects to really excite players. The background of the slot is a Solar Eclipse which is one of the most famous events to occur in space so is very fitting to the games theme. The colours used in the background are a mixture of black and red further enhancing the games theme and adding intensity to the slot. The next visual element of the Novoline Power Stars game is the symbols presented to players which are a variety of fruits including watermelons, cherries, oranges, lemons and plums. The game also includes the very important star symbol and all of these symbols are detailed in very bright and vibrant colours in a bold design. One of the visual highlights in the Novoline Power Stars game is the effect that the symbols have when they create a winning line combination. The symbols all burst into flames which looks fantastic on the screen and is very exciting effect for players. The final visual effect in the Novoline Power Stars game is the title text that’s displayed to players as this looks fantastic in a gold colour.

The title text is surrounded with numerous stars enhancing the games theme and looks excellent for players. The other important way that the Novoline Power Stars theme is delivered to players is through the sound effects of the slot game. The sound effects in the Novoline Power Stars game are very strong and deep electronic tones which create a very intense playing environment that players will really enjoy. The atmosphere of the slot is vitally important as this is one of the main factors that separate it from its competition. The various winning line combinations in the Novoline Power Stars slot all have their own individual sound effects which sound fantastic and really involve the player in the slot. The games two bonus features also have their own unique sound effects that are played at the start of the feature. The game play of the Novoline Power Stars slot is of a very high standard and players will really enjoy the different playing features that are up for grabs. The format of the slot is a five reel and ten win line game where players have a medium amount of flexibility over their win line selection.

The bonus rounds available in the Novoline Power Stars slot are both very intense and enjoyable features for players which can lead to some excellent prizes. The first of the bonuses is the power stars bonus which is basically a substitute bonus with an added twist. The star symbol represents this feature and can be spun into any of the three middle reels. The star symbols have the power to swap with any other in the game to greatly increase player’s chances of lining up a winning line combination. The star symbol when used to create a winning line combination then awards a free spin to the player. The next bonus feature available to players in the Novoline Power Stars slot is the gamble feature which allows players the chance to double or lose their prize fund. The bonus is an optional one available to a player after every successful spin on the reels. The Novoline Power Stars gamble bonus challenges the player to predict the outcome of a fifty/fifty bet which can lead the player either doubling or losing all their winnings. These two bonuses in the Novoline Power Stars game combine to make an excellent slot game that can result in high winnings being paid to the player.