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Slot games are responsible for around 70% of casinos revenue which is a very high figure that highlights there huge popularity. The collection of games from the hugely successful Novoline brand are all based on certain concepts and themes with the intention of entertaining players. The themes and concepts of the Novoline games are all very different in an effort to satisfy as many different types of players as possible. The games Power Stars is a space themed adventure where players are placed into the shoes of an astronaut and blasted into outer space. The theme of the games Power Stars is a wonderful one as space is a hugely interesting topic that is highly covered by the media. All different players will love the chance to immerse themselves in this adventure and it’s especially interesting to fans of sci–fi movies. The games Power Stars adventure is one where players on their trip into space have the target of collecting stars which will bring them wealth and riches. This intricate and very exciting theme is conveyed to players through excellent visual and sound effects. These effects really allow the games Power Stars to absorb players in the outer space feel which is a result players will love.

The visual effects that bring this space theme to life in the games Power Stars are truly excellent and the different elements are the background, symbols and the title text. The background of the games Power Stars is a really first class effect as it creates a strong themed image for players. The background is a mixture of two different colours, a black and a fiery red, cleverly fused together to create a very intense space and sun image. The middle of the background is a picture of a solar Eclipse which is a very famous and iconic event in space so is very fitting in the games Power Stars. The next visual effect is the symbols that are used in the game which include various fruits like the watermelon, cherries, oranges, lemons, grapes and plums. The only non fruit symbol in the games Power Stars is the star symbol which has very important connotations in one of the games bonus rounds. These various symbols are all detailed with very clear and crisp effects and they are produced in very vibrant and strong colours. The symbols all have a special effect when a winning line combination is created and this is that they erupt into flames.

The final visual element of the games Power Stars is the title text that is displayed to players which is a golden colour to represent the colour of stars. The title text is displayed at the top and centre of the games main screen in a chunky font and is surrounded by stars which really enhance the games theme. These three visual elements combine really well in the games Power Stars to create a fantastic atmosphere that players will love. The sound effects of the games Power Stars are also in keeping with the games exciting space theme through quirky electronic tones. The tones played in the slot are shorter and sharper and this creates a very intense and high tempo playing atmosphere. The different symbols in the game all create different winning line combinations and these all have their own unique sound effect. The various bonuses available in the games Power Stars also have their own sound effect that signifies that they have been activated. The overall sound effects are excellent and a key ingredient in creating an exciting playing atmosphere for players. The sound and visual effects combine masterfully to deliver the games intriguing theme to players.

The game play of games Power Stars is as explosive as the games theme due to the straight forward bonus features and slot format. The format of the slot is five reels and ten win lines which give the user a moderate amount of flexibility over their win line selection. The player must make a tactical decision of how many win lines they should spin the reels with, the more win lines means the more chance a player has of winning. The more win lines active also means the spin of the reels is more expensive so this is an important decision for players. The aim of the games Power Stars is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols adjacently across the reels which results in a winning line combination. There is numerous different winning line combinations available to players from the numerous symbols involved in the game. The different winning line combinations in the games Power Stars all pay the player a different winning amount that can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table for the games Power Stars can be seen by pressing the button at the bottom right of the main screen.

The games Power Stars has two different bonuses available for players to activate and these are the gamble and the power star feature. The gamble bonus is offered to players at the end of every winning spin of the reels and can be accepted or declined by the player. The player if they choose to accept the feature are taken to a new screen and presented with a fifty / fifty bet. The results of this bet are the prize fund being either doubled or wiped out which makes this bonus very dangerous and only for the bravest of gamblers. The next feature in the games Power Stars is the power star bonus which works by the stars spinning into the middle three reels. These stars have the power to swap with any symbol on the board to dramatically increase the chances of a winning combination coming up on the reels. These two bonuses make the games Power Stars one of the most exciting and explosive titles on the internet. The format of the games Power Stars allows for a very smooth and fast flowing game which involves a good amount of tactical choices for the player.