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The slot game is available to players on two main formats which both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The two formats are either download or flash and every different player will have their own personal preference. The download Power Stars game works by the player spending a few minutes to install the game onto their computer from the internet. The flash version of the game simply loads up onto the players screen without having to install any software which some players find the simplest and easiest way. The download Power Stars game once installed runs very smoothly with no glitches in the sound or graphics which is a big advantage for the players. There are many different formats and file types that are available online allowing every different user the possibility to download Power Stars. The few minute install is a small cost for a player as once they have completed the download Power Stars install they can play the game offline. The offline access is great for certain players who have limited access or interrupted internet, this tool means they can play at any time of the day or night from the comfort of their own home.

The download Power Stars game offers players a fantastic playing experience as the theme is a very unique one presented through fantastic graphics and sound effects. The game play of the slot is also of the highest standard and offers players the chance to enjoy a game with a fast paced style of play. The theme of the download Power Stars game is an outer space one where players are blasted off into the limits of space aboard a space ship. The player’s mission is to discover the power star and bring it back to earth as it equals wealth and riches to the player. This is a great theme that players will love as it involves a mission into outer space which is a place that holds a lot of mystery and intrigue for users. The next important part of the download Power Stars game is how this fantastic theme is delivered to players through the graphics and the sound effects. The graphics of the game manage to create a completely absorbing atmosphere for the player which they will love and really appreciate. The atmosphere in the download Power Stars game is created through the background, title text and symbols.

The background of the download Power Stars game is meant to portray one of the most famous events that happens’ in space, the solar Eclipse. The solar Eclipse is an event where the moon passes over and covers the sun from our vision and is a very spectacular sight. The result is a lovely mixture of black and a fiery red colour that looks fantastic on the screen and really delivers the games theme. The title text of the download Power Stars game is also excellent and in keeping with the games space theme. The colour of the font is a golden star colour which is detailed in large bold writing that looks excellent. The writing is also surrounded with stars which further enhance the games theme and feel. The symbols used in the download Power Stars slot are fantastic and perform a special visual effect that players will love. The symbols include the various fruits, cherries, watermelon, oranges, lemons, grapes, plums and the all important star symbol. These symbols are displayed with wonderful crisp and clear effects in bold and vibrant colours that look great on the screen. The special effects in the download Power Stars game are that the fruits light up in flames when they create a winning line.

The sound effects of the download Power Stars game are of the highest possible level and once installed on a players computer can be enjoyed without interruption. The sounds are deep and powerful electronic tones that create a very spacey atmosphere that players will love. The various win line combinations and the different bonuses all have their own tones that play when they are activated. This attention to detail in the download Power Stars game is excellent and players will really enjoy the various space themed sounds. The game play of the download Power Stars game is of the highest possible level and players will really enjoy the format of the slot and the bonuses that are available. The slot format is a five reel and ten win line set up where players have a moderate amount of choice over their win line selection. The player can choose between having one and ten win lines active in the download Power Stars game which is an important decision in the game as it significantly affects their winning chances. The more win lines selected means the more chance a player has of winning but it also means the spin of the reels is more expensive.

The overall aim of the download Power Stars game is to try and line up the same symbols up across these win lines to create winning line combinations. The symbols must be adjacent to each other from the left to the right across the five reels and a minimum of three symbols must be lined up to equal a winning amount. The different symbols in the download Power Stars game all pay out different amounts to the players which can be viewed in the games pay table. The download Power Stars game has a bonus feature that significantly increases player’s chances of creating a winning line. The bonus is activated by the star symbol and it has the power to swap into any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. The star symbols when used to do this award the player with another free spin where they can win even more money. The other bonus in the download Power Stars game is the gamble feature which gives the player the chance to double or lose their winning fund on a chance bet. The combination of these two bonuses makes for a very exciting playing atmosphere for players where good money can be won.