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One of the most highly played games in the Novoline range is the Power Stars online slot that offers players a simple themed game with explosive visual and sound effects. The game play offered in the Power Stars online game is also explosive with highly charged action packed bonus rounds and a fast dynamic slot format. The theme of the game is a simpler one but very entertaining as players can expect to be blasted into outer space on the search for stars. The idea of blasting off into outer space is one many players will have dreamed off and with this Power Stars online game players will be able to realize this dream. The player is placed into the role of an astronaut on the search for the almighty star that will bring them wealth and success. The clever theme is both simple and very exciting and players will love the chance of exploring the depths of outer space. The visual effects that are used to produce this theme to players on the big screen are wonderful and fully absorb the player in the atmosphere of being in outer space. The sound effects of the Power Stars online game again enhance the games theme and deliver it to players brilliantly.

The visual effects of the Power Stars online game cover the background, title text and the symbols that are used in the game. The background of the slot is a hot red colour fused with black this looks amazing on the screen. The centre of the games screen is the sun being blocked by the moon which is known as the solar Eclipse and this looks great in the Power Stars online game. The symbols used in the Power Stars online slot are various fruits including the cherries, plums, watermelons, oranges, lemons, grapes and of course the very important Power Star symbol. These symbols are all detailed in very bright and vibrant colours which look fantastic on the screen. These symbols when they are involved in creating a winning line all erupt into flames which look great on the screen and are an effect that players will love. The next visual element is the title text of the Power Stars online game which is a real visual highlight for players as it looks fantastic. The text is done in a fiery golden red colour with stars surrounding the text that looks fantastic and really enhances the games theme for players.

The combination of the three different visual elements create a very absorbing slot game for players which really conveys the games space theme to players. The next key ingredient of the Power Stars online game is the sound effects that are used as these are very clever in the slot. The sound effects create a fiery hot atmosphere by playing short and sharp electronic tones to raise the games tempo. The individual winning lines in the Power Stars online game have their own sound effects that signify when they have been rolled in on the reels. The various bonus features in the Power Stars online game have their own sounds that are played to show the player that the feature has been activated. The game play of the Power Stars online slot game is of the highest possible standard and tailored to give players a fast paced game. The format of the slot is a five reels and ten win lines game giving players a moderate amount of flexibility over their win line selection. The player must select how many win lines they wish to have active when they spin the reels, the more win lines active means the more chance they have of winning.

The player also has control of the stake amount risked on every spin of the reels when they play the Power Stars online game. The more stake risked means the more money a player stands to win. The most aggressive style of play for players to adopt would be the maximum win line selection and the highest stake possible. The overall aim of the game and how money can be won in the Power Stars online game is to line up at least three of the same symbols adjacently across the five reels. This must be done from the left to the right and the more symbols that are lined up means the more money that the player will win. The different symbols in the Power Stars online game all pay different amounts of money to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table is located at the bottom right of the games main screen and is accessed by clicking on the pay table button. The Power Stars online game does has some bonus features that are of interest to players and these can significantly raise their winning chances.

The bonuses in the Power Stars online game include the power star bonus and the online gamble feature. The first of these bonuses is symbolized by the star symbol and has the ability to roll into the three reels. The star symbol has the power to substitute with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line combination. The star symbol when it manages to create this winning line also actives a free spin for the player giving them the chance to win again. These two factors make the power star bonus an excellent feature and one that can really benefit players. The next bonus in the Power Stars online game is very common across the Novoline range and is called the gamble feature. This feature has the ability to double or lose the player their entire prize fund. The bonus is an optional one offered to players at the end of every winning spin of the reels and players need to decide if they will accept or decline the challenge. The bonus if accepted in the Power Stars online game loads into a new screen and the player has to make a chance fifty / fifty bet which is very risky. This bonus in the Power Stars online game must be played wisely by the player and can lead to a really profitable game if used well.